Amazing 14th Annual Fiddle Fest


The 14th Annual Fiddle Fest has come to a close. The Middle Fiddlers, The Fiddlers and featured guest AnDro gave us an amazing performance and successful event. Thank you to all the parent volunteers, to Walk The Beat  for sponsoring the Fiddle Fest workshop with AnDro, and featured guests AnDro.

DSCN5398The Middle Fiddlers, directed by Mr. Nick Mosley, gave their first performance of the year which did not sound like a first performance. The Middle Fiddlers are a young talented group performed a job well done.




DSCN5438The Fiddlers, directed by Mrs. Kelly DeRose, performed a updated  amazing set since the Michigan Irish Music Fest with new songs, new versions and some classic tunes this class of Fiddlers have fine tuned.  The Senior performance of the Parting Glass showed us we are losing large group of talented students but the amazing performance shows the group has amazing depth of talent.


AnDroThe featured guest AnDro finished the night with an amazing set. If you not seen AnDro you really owe it to yourself to check them out live. Its like AnDro is a freight train on a Celtic journey taking on the rhythms of the valleys of the world its passing by; very powerful, fun and enjoyable. AnDro finished the night with the Middle Fiddlers and Fiddlers on stage together.

Some photos of the night are below and more can be found on our Flickr page.

Once again, Thank you to all for making Fiddle Fest a success.

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