The Mona Shores Orchestra Parent Association (MSOPA) mission is to support the Mona Shores High School and Middle Orchestra Programs, including the Fiddle Programs, through its fundraising efforts. The Orchestra Program helps to transform the lives of students by enhancing their musical experiences and making possible an array of innovative and educational opportunities.

Mona Shores Orchestra Association is a 501 C(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax deductible as allowed by law, plus Michigan Tax Credit for Community Foundations.

MSOPA Board: MSOPA Board Page contains a list of the Board of Directors and a link to the MSOPA By-Laws.

MSOPA Meeting Minutes: MSOPA Meeting Minutes page provides links to detailed accounts of the MSOPA board and general meetings.

Students: Student Page has links to the Student Account Balance Sheet and MSOPA Scholarship Applications.

Contacts: Contacts page provides contact information to the MSOPA and Orchestra Directors.

Disclaimer Notes:

Mona Shores Schools or its employees are not responsible for the accuracy or content contained on this site.

This website is an official communication tool for the Mona Shores Orchestra Parent Association (MSOPA) and the Mona Shores Orchestra.  Mona Shores School District, Mona Shores Employees are not responsible for the content on the site. All communication to the teachers need to follow the protocols established by the teacher and/or the district.

Any immediate concerns or comments need to be directed to MSOPA board member directly.

Any inappropriate comments will be deleted and/or person making the post will be blocked from future comments.


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Mona Shores Orchestra Parent Association

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