Chili’s Give Back


The High School Chamber Orchestra has been selected to perform at the National Orchestra Festival taking place this coming March in Pittsburgh, PA. This is an incredible honor and an amazing educational opportunity for our students. Please  help us with a special congrats to Mrs. De Rose and the high school students who earned this special honor!

With such a big event, comes large expenses to make this happen. The Orchestra Parents Association (MSOPA) is hard at work to raise the funds necessary for this trip. The MSOPA has some really fun, amazing, great fundraisers in the work and we will be announcing them all with more details on the trip very soon.

One of the MSOPA first fundraising efforts is a Chili’s Give Back Event Wednesday, October 5. Simply go to the newly remodeled Chili’s on Henry Street and eat an amazing meal at Chili’s that day. You have to bring a voucher with you and one for each guest in your party, and Chili’s will give 15% of your check to the orchestra program.

Here is a PDF link to the voucher: chilis-give-back-event-voucher-mona-shores-orchestra-october-5-2016

Thank you for your support and look forward to seeing everyone at Chili’s on Wed.

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