All Roads Lead To Rome

Selfies at the Vatican
Selfies at the Vatican

Day 1 & 2 of journey to Rome was a long day but fun none the less. We left Mona Shores High School in the morning by charter bus to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport so we could fly to arrive in Rome by 9am to begin a full day of sight seeing. However after several delays with American Airlines we experienced about a 6 hour delay leaving Chicago.

What is an orchestra to do when bored with instruments and a captive audience? Time to pull out the instruments and have some fun:

St Peters Square
St Peters Square

When we arrived in Rome we did find a welcome suprise, Jan Wemes from Educational Tours/Wens Tours. Many of you may remember Jan, he was our guide 4 years earlier on our trip to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest.

Unfortunately, our flight delay resulted in us arriving late in the afternoon in Rome as the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peters Bisical was closing. We able to get quick visit into St. Peters Square where some sort of religious celebration was in progress. It

Gelato at the Vatican
Gelato at the Vatican

was long enough of a visit to get some pictures of the square, Swiss Guards, mail a post card, and get our first gelato outside the Vatican Walls and entrance to St. Peters Square.

We finished our day of travels at the Best Western Blu Hotel where we would stay for the next two nights. We had our first Italian Dinner in the hotel which included a a round of pasta.

Note: Pictures and details of the trip will be posted over the next several days in chronological order of the trip.

More pictures of Day1-2 are on our Flickr Italy Group Page.

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