Italy Trip Survival Tip

Italy Trip Travelers,

Today you should have received an updated itinerary in your email from Mrs. DeRose, if not please contact her directly. Once you have some free time Google the hotels that are listed in the itinerary, they look pretty nice. Getting very Excited!!!!

Survival Tip: Walk!!! Sounds easy enough but with the cold temps and snow we start to slowly become couch potatoes or at least I do. From past MSO International Trips we walk, a lot!!! When you get tired the the tour guides will say going to the next venue or restaurant “Don’t worry its just a short walk.” Yes our guides speak English but let me help you so you are not Lost In Translation. Short walk by European definition is easily between 0.25-0.75 miles.

My tip is start walking, 1-3 miles a day now. It will do the body good and help you stay at the guides walking pace. If I was to recommend a second tip, use the stairs as well. Don’t have a tread mill and don’t want to face the call weather The Mall and our Mona Shores High School has indoor walking times.

Here are some walking sites if you want some training tips:


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