High School Fiddle Gig Reminder

Attention Fiddlers – Please remember our first performance is Thursday, Aug 28 with a call time of 6 PM at the Mona Lake Boat Club.  We are joining Uneven Ground and entertaining members of the Irish American Society at their summer barbecue.  Although this event is not open to the public, parents of fiddlers may attend and may wish to bring a lawn chair.  Please wear your green fiddle shirt and remember to bring a music stand if you need one (I will bring chairs for our cellists).  Our set list includes: John Ryan (AABB, Solo 1, AB, Solo2, AABB), Star of the County Down (AB, Verse 1 vocal solo, All sing Chorus, Vocal solo 2, All sing chorus, AB, Break, AB), Sally Gardens (Leah and Paul kick off, all join in on B, vocal solo, all play AB, vocal solo 2, all play AB), Road to Lisdonvarna & Swallowtail (AABB, pennywhistle solo, AABB, 5x’s Swallowtail).  See you soon!

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