Debut Strings

Debut Strings is an ensemble of middle school students established by the educational outreach arm of the West Michigan Symphony. Any player with at least two years of experience is eligible to audition. The group meets on Monday evenings downtown at the Block, and puts on at least two concerts per year. Debut Strings and their director, Angela Corbin (North Muskegon Orchestra Director) are looking for more members to participate in this fine ensemble. Below is a flyer with more information including how to set up and audition time. I hope many of our 7th grade students consider this opportunity.

Debut Strings Flyer


Congratulations is order for a few Mona Shores Orchestra Members for some outstanding performing and excelling in some extraordinary opportunities.

GVSU Leadership Day
Malachi Karppinen (Sophomore, Viola), Vega Goorma (Sophomore, Violin), and Ezekiel Kinney (Sophomore, Violin)

Grand Valley String Leadership Day: Chamber Orchestra members Malachi Karppinen (Sophomore, Viola), Vega Goorma (Sophomore, Violin), and Ezekiel Kinney (Sophomore, Violin) participated in GVSU String Leadership Day on Saturday, October 17. These performers were nominated by Mrs. De Rose and selected by the Grand Valley music staff to participate based on their potential for leadership and their previous musical accomplishments. The daylong workshop culminated in an evening concert directed by Raphael Jimenez from Oberlin Conservatory of Music. Malachi, Vega, and Ezekiel represented Mona Shores well!


Isabel Grace (Junior, Violin) and Abbe Grevious (Junior, Violin)

Meyer Music All-Star Orchestra: The Meyer Music All- Star Orchestra took place on Saturday, November 21, at Otsego High School. One hundred and seventy three students from eighty seven different schools participated in the All-Star ensembles. Students were nominated by their directors based on their musical talent and their demonatration of leadership skills and work ethic. Abbe Grevious and Isabel Grace, both junior and violinists in the Chamber Orchestra, represented Mona Shores. Abbe and Isabel had the opportunity to work with Mr. Bruce Uchimura, professor of Music at Western Michigan University and perform an concert under his direction at the conclusion of the day. We are proud of you Abbe and Isabel!

Debut Strings:  Congratulations to Kyle Liddle (7th Grade, Bass Player) on his performance Sunday, November 22nd, in the Debut Strings Concert at The Block. Debut Strings is an ensemble of middle school students established by the educational outreach arm of the West Michigan Symphony under the direction of Angela Corbin (North Muskegon Orchestra Director). Any player with at least two years of experience is eligible to audition.

Michigan School Band and Orchestra All-State Middle School Orchestra: Congratulations to 8th grade violist Kelly Avila on her acceptance to the Michigan School Band and Orchestra All-State Middle School Orchestra. Kelly auditioned on October 30 along with nearly 2000 other top performing musicians throughout the state. This is the second year in a row that Kelly has been selected for the group. The All-State Middle School Orchestra will perform during the 11th Annual Michigan Music Conference in DeVos Hall on Saturday, January 23, 2016.

Amazing 14th Annual Fiddle Fest


The 14th Annual Fiddle Fest has come to a close. The Middle Fiddlers, The Fiddlers and featured guest AnDro gave us an amazing performance and successful event. Thank you to all the parent volunteers, to Walk The Beat  for sponsoring the Fiddle Fest workshop with AnDro, and featured guests AnDro.

DSCN5398The Middle Fiddlers, directed by Mr. Nick Mosley, gave their first performance of the year which did not sound like a first performance. The Middle Fiddlers are a young talented group performed a job well done.




DSCN5438The Fiddlers, directed by Mrs. Kelly DeRose, performed a updated  amazing set since the Michigan Irish Music Fest with new songs, new versions and some classic tunes this class of Fiddlers have fine tuned.  The Senior performance of the Parting Glass showed us we are losing large group of talented students but the amazing performance shows the group has amazing depth of talent.


AnDroThe featured guest AnDro finished the night with an amazing set. If you not seen AnDro you really owe it to yourself to check them out live. Its like AnDro is a freight train on a Celtic journey taking on the rhythms of the valleys of the world its passing by; very powerful, fun and enjoyable. AnDro finished the night with the Middle Fiddlers and Fiddlers on stage together.

Some photos of the night are below and more can be found on our Flickr page.

Once again, Thank you to all for making Fiddle Fest a success.

Cookie Dough Sale

The Annual Cooke Dough Sale is on and just in time for baking those holiday cookies. The cookie dough sale also includes gourmet popcorns, and cakes from Savory Foods. November 6 – 16. Money due by the 16th.Delivery December 9th.
All Items $13 each. To place an order contact your favorite Orchestra Student or your favorite orchestra director.
Ready to Bake Cookie Dough 3lb Cubes. makes app. 4 dozen.
Homestyle Cookies: Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin, Snickerdoodle, Candy- M&M, Dbl.Choc. Chunk, White Macadamia, Dbl. Peanut, Butter Choc. chip, Oatmeal Choc. Scottie, Sugar, Choc. Chunk Pecan, Coconut Pecan, Mint DBL. Chocolate
Gluten Free Cookies: Cookies and Cream, Sugar, Oatmeal Raisin, Choc. Chip
Gourmet Popcorn: Caramel Corn, Chicago Style-16 oz, Choc.Delight 14 oz, Buttery Caramel w/peanuts-16 oz, Buttery Caramel 22oz, Hot and Sweet 16 oz, Peanut Butter Delight 18 oz, New England Style White Cheddar 16 oz
Gourmet Chocolates: Pretzel Delights 1lb. 4 varieties in one pkg.,
Seafoam 1lb.
Laval-Licious Cakes: Choc. Fudge and Peanut Butter Cakes-5 pieces.

For Nutritional Information visit:

Cookie Dough Sales to benefit MSOPA general fund.

Mona Shores Orchestra Parent Association


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